Falling Leaves

We used to laugh,
But that was long ago.
I miss your smile,
So I try to crack a joke,
You’ve always were,
Good at turning to stone.

This street corner,
Is getting kind of cold.
Autumn’s here again,
This time around I am alone.
I can tell,
You just want to go home.

Falling leaves are letting go.
Falling leaves,
Are letting,


The River Wensum

The Wensum river,
A thing of wonder,
Hither, tither,
My soul asunder.

In dusk-light beauty,
That burns like fire,
And strikes a duty,
To admire.

To shake the mind,
From trivial sway,
And be unblind,
By nature’s way.

And be un-deafened,
By silent scapes,
There’s profound lessons,
In water’s shapes.

Down at Wensum River.