Without You

I’m so tired
I sleep all night
And most of the day
I watch through the window
The moon moves across the sky
I lay here – still, silent, alone
What’s there to say?
Just a sorry sight
I’m expired

It’s all true
Sound is dulled
The colour is dimmed
Still I carry on just the same
Even though the light has now gone
It does not matter if it rains
A statue in the wind
Nothing to unfold
Without you


A Funeral

There is a funeral tomorrow,
I didn’t know her very well,
But I liked her,
She always had a smile for everyone.

Her friends didn’t like me much,
So we never got a chance,
But I liked her,
She always seemed like a kind person.

I won’t go tomorrow,
I want to but it doesn’t feel right somehow,
But know I liked her,
I always liked her.


Today I got a haircut,
I thought I’d feel amazing.
Instead it just reminded me,
That everything is changing.

Your gloves are in my pocket,
And the weathers not that bad.
But it’s the closest I can get,
To holding your hand.

It used to drive me crazy,
The way you hogged the bed.
Now I’d give anything,
To be annoyed by you again.